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                                 FEE CONCESSION FORM




*      GC University Employee wards

*      Brother/Sister Concession

*      Hafiz-e-Quran

*      Deserving/Needy Students with Good Academic Record




·        Name: __________________________________  Roll No: __________________________

·        Father/Guardian’s Name: ______________________________________________________

·        Class : __________________________________ Session : ___________________________

·        Address: ___________________________________________________________________


·        Contact No (PTCL) : ________________________ Mobile No ________________________

·        Monthly Income of Father/Guardian Rs. _______________ Occupation _________________

·        Monthly Income from Agri. Land Rs. ____________________________________________

·        Residence: Owned/ Hired: _____________________________________________________

·        Fee Concession received in past: Yes/ No: ________________________________________

·        What kind of Fee Concession are you availing: ____________________________________

Marks Obtained: Metric: _____________ FA/F.Sc: ____________ BA/B.Sc________________



GC University Employee Wards


It is certified that Mr./Ms. __________________________ a bonafied teacher of this institute working in the Basic Pay Scale___________ He /She has serving in this department _________________since__________________.





                                                                                              Chairman/Head/Incharge of Department


Brother/Sister Fee Concession




Name of Student’s Brother/Sister: ___________________________  

Father/Guardian’s Name: __________________________________                                    

Name of Department: __________________________ Class: _______________________

Roll No._________________                                 Semester__________________________

Session__________________             Morning/Evening_______________________



                                                                                                  (Signature of the Brother/Sister)


Certified that the above particulars are correct on the basis of the record of the Department/College.



                                                                                         Chairman/Head/Incharge of Department


Deserving/Needy Students with Good Academic Record


·        Father/Mother’s Name: ___________________________ NIC #: _______________________

·        Status Alive                                                               Deceased

·        Professional Status: __________________________________

·        Address: ___________________________________________________________________


·        Contact No (PTCL) : ________________________ Mobile No ________________________

·        Total Gross Monthly income salary/pension/others Rs. _______________

·        Any other supporting person (Guardian/Brother/Sister/Family relatives Name: ______________

·        Address: ___________________________________________________________________

·         Contact No (PTCL) : ________________________ Mobile No ________________________

·        Last semester result in GPA___________________________ CGPA____________________

·        Tuition Fee of current semester _________________________________________________

·        Have you ever awarded any other scholarship before: Yes/No _________________________



Parents /Guardians Signature



Approval by the Chairperson/Head/Incharge  Department


The student is personally known to me and he/she deserves the concession.

Name and Signature of the Teacher: ______________________________ Date: ___________________

FULL/HALF fee Concession From ___________________ to _________________ as a Hafiz-e-Quran, Teacher’s Son/Brother/Sister’s Concession/ Deserving or Poor student is recommended.



Signature of Incharge Fee Concession



           Signature & Stamp

Chairman/Head/Incharge of Department





The information given in this application is true to the best of my knowledge and I understand that any incorrect information will result in the cancellation of this application. If any information given in this application is found incorrect or false after the grant of Fee Concession, the GCUF will stop for further process and the student will have to refund all payment received and or penalty equal to total amount paid to candidate.


The GCUF reserves the right to verification the information given in this form.

Date: __________________


_______________________                                                                           _________________

Parents /Guardians Signature                                                                          Signature of Student


For Office Use only


It is hereby certified that Mr/Ms._____________________S/D of _____________________________

Roll No._____________________Semester__________________granted Half/Full concession for _______________ semester as Teacher Son/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Hafiz-e-Quran and deserving student is recommended after verification of the given information.


                                                                                                Incharge Students Financial Aid Office

Check List:




Full concession in tuition fee should be granted to the wards of GCUF employees as per decision of Competent Authority. To whom it may concern of the relevant department of parents must be attached with form.



50% concession in tuition fee should be granted to the younger Brother/Sister if both are studying in the University at a time. To whom it may concern of your Brother/Sister from concern department must be attached with form.


Full concession in tuition fee should be granted to the students who fall in this category. Certificate of Hafiz-e-Quran must be attached with form verified from Head of Arabic Department.


The form should be duly verified from Head of Department, and only 10% Quota is fixed in the category of deserving students to each department as per semester. Parents/Guardians NIC and result of last semester attended must be attached with form.